Events Services appointed Chaudron official PR agency

Local company Events Services which specializes in the sports, media and entertainment business has been recently appointed as the official PR and Communications agency of Chaudron Powerboats Malta. The aim of the agreement is mainly to help develop a marketing opportunity for the local boats building company Chadron Malta who have also for many years been associated with the P1 Powerboat Championships.

Over the past four P1 seasons Chaudron has been competing with the #46 Chaudron Powerboat Casino Portomaso. Since the 2005 season the only Maltese Powerboat in the Championship was driven by Aaron Ciantar and his sister Audrienne. In 2006 Italian entrepreneur and Powerboats enthusiast Angelo Tedeschi had commissioned Charles Ciantar owner of the local company Chaudron Powerboats to build a new racing boat with the intention to compete in the P1 World Championship of 2007 which he subsequently managed to win. For the 2008 season Aaron accepted an official invitation to move on from his #46 Chaudron Casino Portomaso and join Tedeschi as team mates in the Malta built Powerboat of the same Tedeschi,  this season competing with its sponsor name #44 Conam Yachts. The 2008 season till now has seen Ciantar and Tedeschi dominating in almost all the races winning several podiums and getting closer to another World Championship title.

Events Services director Sandro Micallef commented “It is a great thing for Events Services to be associated with such a brand as P1. It is a great pleasure and satisfaction to work with the Ciantar family who are really dedicated to this Sport. I really look forward to help this company to exploit the market out there not only in Europe but also Worldwide” added Micallef. ‘The fact that Chaudron Powerboats has been in the racing sporting map for so long is a huge advantage and this will make us work even harder to strive for more marketing and sponsorship opportunities from which the Ciantar family can benefit thus leading to more investment in this Sport’

Aaron Ciantar driver and mechanical mentor of the two P1 boats #46 Chaudron The Spirit of Portomaso and # 46 Chaudron Conam Yachts said ‘We are vey happy to have Events Services on board with us in this year’s P1 GP. We have always strived hard to achieve success in this Sport and recently we decided we should join forces with a local PR company company that can help promote our activities and follow us closely in our competitions around the World’ Finally Aaron said ‘I would also like to thank the local media and supporters for their continuous support and I promise them that I will be doing my best to get the World Championship Final chequered flag for the first time in P1 history to Malta’

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